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Misc Services

The following services and more are available:

  • 2290’s
  • UCR’s
  • Assistance in all audits other than workers compensation
  • Annual reports for corporations/LLC’s
  • Reinstating dissolved corporations
  • MCS-150 Updates
  • Help selling/transferring your existing authority
  • Reseller number certificates
  • Illinois Intrastate Cab Card renewals
  • Forms to save on sales tax
  • Hazmat permits
  • EIN Numbers (personal or Business)
  • Scac Codes
  • Scac Renewals
  • Safety Relocators
  • Notary on site
  • Recommendations on qualified professionals in the trucking industry Included but not limited to attorneys, accountants, and Insurance agents
  • Help with filing bonds when necessary
  • Spanish Speaking

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